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About e-Production:

e-Production is a sole proprietorship owned by Pete Smoyer. Pete's been involved in the audio business since graduating college. For most of that time he's had a recording studio in one form or another until getting involved in the video production business by joining Broadcast Images in 1986. As a member of Broadcast Images he was responsible not only for numerous facets of their video productions, but was also primarily responsible for sales and marketing. In 1993 he purchased the business from its previous owner. The company had as many as eight employees at its height with clients including AT&T, Bethlehem Steel, PPL, Rodale Publishing, and numerous advertising agencies.

With changes in both the business environment and a personal relationship, Pete sold his interest in Broadcast Images to again work independently. Thus, in 2003 e-Production began. Pete maintained his relationship with numerous of his clients from Broadcast Images, including Bosch Rexroth. With Rexroth he's not only worked on the productions of theirs that you can see on this website, but has also been recording engineer and co-producer of all of the 190 monthly audio newsletters produced for Rexroth.



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